Small Wild Cat Info

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Little Cats Are Different From The Bigger Cats
In More Ways Than Just Size.When Bright
Light Shines On Thier Pupils They Close To Slits.
In Turn The Pupils Of Their Larger Cousins
Close To Circles.The Bones Inside A Small Cats
Voice Box Are Connected So Tightly That
Only Small Vibrations Are Possiable.
Only The Great Cats Can Roar.

Of The World’s Total Species Of Wild Cats, Over 80% Are Small Wild Cats.
They Can Be Found In Africa, Asia, North America, South America,
Central America And Europe. Many Of These Small Cats Are Listed As
On The IUCN Red List Of Threatened Species.

Rare And Threatened Small Cats Include:

The Bay Cat,Iriomote Cat,Rusty Spotted Cat,
Andean Mountain Cat,Iberian Lynx,Scottish
Wild Cat, And The African Black-Footed Cat. Like Some
Of The Big Cats They Are Threatened By The Fur Trade
And Loss Of Habitat.

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Small Cat Facts

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