So how many different species of wild cats are there in the world? That depends on who you ask. The answer ranges from 37 to 42 species. The reason for this is that cat taxonomy is incredibly difficult and genetic analysis is still shedding light on the matter. Just in early 2017, the Sunda Leopard Cat was determined to be its own species from the Leopard Cat now called the Mainland Leopard Cat. So, to clear things up, I put together the most accepted list of the 40 wild cat species in the world. This list will undoubtedly change in the future, especially as genetic analysis reveals that current species are actually multiple different species.

African Golden Cat African Wildcat
Andean Mountain Cat Bay Cat
Black-Foot Cat Bobcat
Caracal Chinese Desert Cat
Cheetah Clouded Leopard
Cougar European Wildcat
Fishing Cat Flat-Headed Cat
Geoffroy's Cat Iriomote Cat
Jaguar Jaguarundi
Jungle Cat Kodkod
Leopard Leopard Cat
Lion Marbled Cat
Margay Northern Lynx
Ocelot Oncilla
Pallas' Cat Pampas Cat
Rusty-Spotted Sand Cat
ServalSnow Leopard
Temminck's Cat Tiger
Tiger Cat Iberian Lynx
Sunda Leopard Cat Red Lynx

Genus/Species/Subspecies of Cats
Subfamily Acinonyxchinae - Cheetah
Genus Species Subspecies English name
Acinonyx Cheetah
Acinonyx jubatus
A. j. jubatus South African Cheetah
A. j. hecki Cheetah
A. j. ngorongorensis Cheetah
A. j. raineyi East African Cheetah
A. j. soemmeringii Cheetah
A. j. venaticus Asiatic Cheetah
The Mogul Emperor of India, Akbar kept 1,000
only 50 - 100 now remain, in Iran
Subfamily Pantherinae - Big Cats
Genus Species Subspecies English name
Neofelis Clouded leopard
Neofelis nebulosa
N. n. nebulosa Clouded leopard
N. n. brachyurus Clouded leopard
N. n. diardii Clouded leopard
N. n. macrosceloides Clouded leopard
Panthera Lion
Panthera leo
P. l. leo Barbary Lion
Extinct in wild in 1920, but possibly some in zoos
P. l. bleyenberghi Angola Lion
P. l. krugeri Transvaal or South African Lion
P. l. massaicus Masai Lion
P. l. melanochaita Cape lion
Extinct 1850, may be some in zoos
P. l. persica Asiatic Lion
300 in wild
P. l. senegalensis Senegalese Lion
Panthera onca
P. o. onca Jaguar
P. o. arizonensis Jaguar
P. o. centralis Jaguar
P. o. goldmani Jaguar
P. o. hernandesii Jaguar
P. o. palustris Jaguar
P. o. peruvianus Jaguar
P. o. veracucis Jaguar
Panthera pardus
P. p. pardus African Leopard
P. p. adersi Zanzibar Leopard
probably extinct
P. p. antinorii Leopard
P. p. ciscaucasia Leopard
P. p. dathei Leopards from Armenia. validity 'dubious'
P. p. delacouri Leopard
P. p. ehui Leopard
P. p. felis Leopard
P. p. fusca Leopard
P. p. ituriensis Leopard
P. p. japonesis Chinese Leopard
wild population unknown 80 in captivity
P. p. jarvisi Leopard
P. p. kotiya Sri Lankan Leopard
400 - 600 in early 1980s
P. p. melanotica Leopard
P. p. melas Leopard
P. p. millardi Leopard
P. p. nanopardus Leopard
P. p. nimr Arabian Leopard
P. p. orientalis Amur Leopard
about 40 in wild, over 200 in captivity
P. p. panthera Leopard
P. p. pernigra Leopard
P. p. saxicolor North Persian Leopard
70 in Turkmenia, also found in Iran and Afganistan, 160 in captivity
P. p. shortridgei Leopard
P. p. sindica Leopard
P. p. suahelica Leopard
P. p. tulliana Leopard
Panthera tigris
P. t. altaica Amur tiger, previosly known as the Siberian and also as the the Manchurian, Ussuri or North-east China tiger
350 - 400 in wild, 514 in captivity
P. t. amoyensis South China (Amoy) Tiger
only 20 - 30 exist in the wild, 53 in captivity
P. t. balica Bali Tiger
Extinct - one killed in 1937 with some reports in 1940s
P. t. corbetti Indo-Chinese Tiger
1,200 - 1,800 remain in wild, 30 in captivity
P. t. sondaica Javan Tiger
Extinct - Last seen in 1972
P. t. sumatrae Sumatran Tiger
400 - 500 exist in the wild, 247 in captivity
P. t. tigris Bengal or Indian Tiger
3,100 - 4,800 in wild, 259 in captivity
P. t. virgata Caspian (Hyrcanian or Turan) Tiger
Became extinct in 1970s
Pardofelis Marbled Cat
Pardofelis marmorata
(Felis marmorata)
P. m. marmorata Marbled cat
P. m. charltoni Marbled cat
Uncia Snow Leopard
Uncia uncia
(Panthera uncia)
U. u. uncia Snow leopard

Mountain Lion,Puma,Cougar
Proposed subspeciesOld subspecies
Latin nameCommon nameLatin nameCommon name
P. c. costaricensis Central American Puma (endangered) P. c. costaricensis Puma (endangered)
P. c. capricornensis Eastern South American Puma P. c. acrodia Puma
P. c. borbensis Puma
P. c. capricornensis Puma
P. c. greeni Puma
P. c. cabrerae Central South American Puma P. c. cabrerae Puma
P. c. hudsoni Puma
P. c. puma Southern South American Puma P. c. araucana Puma
P. c. pearsoni Puma
P. c. patagonica Puma
P. c. puma Puma
P. c. concolor Northern South American Puma P. c. anthonyi Puma
P. c. concolor Puma
P. c. bangsi Puma
P. c. incarum Puma
P. c. osgoodi Puma
P. c. soderstromi Puma
P. c. cougar North American Puma P. c. azteca Puma
P. c. browni Puma (endangered)
P. c. californica Californian Mountain Lion
P. c. coryi Florida Panther 50 - 70 remain in wild
P. c. cougar Eastern Cougar (presumed extinct)
P. c. hippolestes Puma
P. c. improcera Puma
P. c. kaibabensis Puma
P. c. mayensis Puma
P. c. missoulensis Puma
P. c. olympus Puma
P. c. oregonensis Puma
P. c. schorgeri Wisconsin Puma (presumed extinct)
P. c. stanleyana Texas Puma
P. c. vancouverensis
Subfamily Felidae - Smaller Cats
Genus Species Subspecies English name
Catopuma Bornean bay cat
Catopuma badia
(Felis badia)
C. b. badia Bornean bay cat, Bornean Red Cat
Asian golden cat
Catopuma temminckii
(Felis temmincki)
F. t. temmincki Asian golden cat (Temminck's Golden Cat)
F. t. dominicanorum Asian golden cat
F. t. tristis Fontainer's cat
Caracal Caracal
Caracal caracal
(Felis caracal)
C. c. caracal Caracal
C. c. algira Caracal
C. c. damarensis Caracal
C. c. limpopoensis Caracal
C. c. lucani Caracal
C. c. michaelis Caracal
C. c. nubicus Caracal
C. c. poecilictis Caracal
C. c. schmitzi Caracal
Felis Chinese mountain cat
Felis bieti
F. b. bieti Chinese mountain cat
Jungle cat
Felis chaus
F. c. chaus Jungle cat
F. c. affinis Jungle cat
F. c. fulvidina Jungle cat
F. c. furax Jungle cat
F. c. kelaarti Jungle cat
F. c. kutas Jungle cat
F. c. nilotica Jungle cat
F. c. oxiana Jungle cat
F. c. prateri Jungle cat
Sand cat
Felis margarita
F. m. margarita Sand cat
F. m. airensis Sand cat
F. m. meinertzhageni Sand cat
F. m. hinobius Sand cat
F. m. cheffeli Sand cat
Black-footed cat
Felis nigripes
F. n. nigripes Black-footed cat
F. n. thomasi Black-footed cat
Felis silvestris
(Includes Felis lybica and Felis catus)
F. s. catus
(Felis catus)
Domestic cat
F. s. silvestris European wildcat
F. s. caucasia Caucasian Wildcat
F. s. euxina Wildcat
F. s. gordoni Gordon's Cat
F. s. grampia Scottish Wildcat
F. s. molisana Wildcat
F. s. morea Wildcat
F. s. tartesia Wildcat
F. s. lybica
(F. lybica lybica)
African wildcat
F. s. brockmani
(F. l. brockmani)
African wildcat
F. s. cafra
(F. l. cafra)
African wildcat
F. s. caudata
(F. l. caudata)
African wildcat
F. s. chutuchta
(F. l. chutuchta)
African wildcat
F. s. foxi
(F. l. foxi)
African wildcat
F. s. griselda
(F. l. griselda)
African wildcat
F. s. iraki
(F. l. iraki)
African wildcat
F. s. issikulensis
(F. l. issikulensis)
African wildcat
F. s. kaslowi
(F. l. kaslowi)
African wildcat
F. s. matschiei
(F. l. matschiei)
African wildcat
F. s. murgabensis
(F. l. murgabensis)
African wildcat
F. s. nesterovi
(F. l. nesterovi)
African wildcat
F. s. ocreata
(F. l. ocreata)
African wildcat
F. s. ornata
(F. l. ornata)
Indian Desert or Steppe Wildcat
F. s. pyrrhus
(F. l. pyrrhus)
African wildcat
F. s. rubida
(F. l. rubida)
African wildcat
F. s. sarda
(F. l. sarda)
African wildcat
F. s. tristrami
(F. l. tristrami)
African wildcat in Israel
hybridisation widespead, no pure bred tristrami found recently
F. s. vellerosa
(F. l. vellerosa)
African wildcat
Herpailurus Jaguarundi
Herpailurus yagouarundi
(Felis yagouaroundi)
H. y. yagouaroundi Jaguarundi
H. y. ameghinoi Jaguarundi
H. y. cacomitli Jaguarundi
H. y. eyra Jaguarundi
H. y. fossata Jaguarundi
H. y. melantho Jaguarundi
H. y. panamensis Jaguarundi
H. y. tolteca Jaguarundi
Leopardus Ocelot
Leopardus pardalis
(Felis pardalis)
L. p. pardalis Ocelot
L. p. aequatorialis Ocelot
L. p. albescens Ocelot
L. p. maripensis Ocelot
L. p. mearnsi Ocelot
L. p. mitis Ocelot
L. p. nelsoni Ocelot
L. p. pseudopardalis Ocelot
L. p. pusea Ocelot
L. p. sonoriensis Ocelot
L. p. steinbachi Ocelot
Leopardus tigrinus
(Felis tigrina)
L. t. tigrinus Oncilla (American Tiger Cat, Little spotted cat)
L. t. guttula Oncilla (American Tiger Cat, Little spotted cat)
L. t. pardinoides Oncilla (American Tiger Cat, Little spotted cat)
Leopardus wiedii
(Felis wieldi)
L. w. wieldi Margay
L. w. amazonica Margay
L. w. boliviae Margay
L. w. cooperi Margay
L. w. glaucula Margay
L. w. nicaraguae Margay
L. w. oaxacensis Margay
L. w. pirrensis Margay
L. w. salvinis Margay
L. w. yucatanica Margay
Leptailurus Serval
Leptailurus serval
(Felis serval)
L. s. serval Serval
L. s. beirae Serval
L. s. brachyura Serval
L. s. constantina Serval
L. s. hamiltoni Serval
L. s. hindeio Serval
L. s. ngridi Serval
L. s. kempi Serval
L. s. kivuensis Serval
L. s. ipostica Serval
L. s. onnbergi Serval
L. s. mababiensis Serval
L. s. robertsi Serval
L. s. togoensis Serval
Lynx Canadian lynx
Lynx canadensis
(Felis lynx)
L. c. canadensis Canadian lynx
Eurasian Lynx
Lynx lynx
(Felis lynx)
L. l. lynx Eurasian lynx
L. l. asabellina Eurasian lynx
L. l. dinniki Eurasian lynx
L. l. kozlowi Eurasian lynx
L. l. sardiniae Eurasian lynx
L. l. stroganovi Eurasian lynx
L. l. subsolanus Eurasian lynx
L. l. wrangelli Eurasian lynx
Iberian lynx
Lynx pardinus
(Felis lynx)
L. p. pardinus Iberian lynx, (Spanish Lynx)
600 in wild
Lynx rufus
(Felis rufus)
L. r. rufus Bobcat
L. r. baileyi Bobcat
L. r. californicus Bobcat
L. r. escuinapae Bobcat
L. r. fasciatus Bobcat
L. r. floridianus Bobcat
L. r. gigas Bobcat
L. r. pallescens Bobcat
L. r. peninsularis Bobcat
L. r. superiorensis Bobcat
L. r. texensis Bobcat
L. r. uinta Bobcat
Oncifelis Pampas cat
Oncifelis colocolo
(Felis colocolo)
F. c. colocolo Pampas cat
O. c. braccata Pampas cat
O. c. budini Pampas cat
O. c. crespoi Pampas cat
O. c. garleppi Pampas cat
O. c. pajeros Pampas cat
O. c. thomasi Pampas cat
Geoffroy's cat
Oncifelis geoffroyi
(Felis geoffroyi)
0. g. geoffroyi Geoffroy's cat
0. g. euxantha Geoffroy's cat
0. g. leucobapta Geoffroy's cat
0. g. paraguayae Geoffroy's cat
0. g. salinarum Geoffroy's cat
Oncifelis guigna
(Felis guigna)
0. g. guigna Kodkod or Guigna
0. g. tigrillo Kodkod
Oreailurus Andean mountain cat
Oreailurus jacobitus
(Felis jacobita)
O. j. jacobitus Andean mountain cat
Otocolobus Pallas cat
Otocolobus manul
(Felis manul)
O. m. manul Pallas cat
Prionailurus Leopard cat
Prionailurus bengalensis
(Felis bengalensis and F. iriomotensis)
P. b. bengalensis Leopard cat
P. b. borneoensis Leopard cat
P. b. chinensis Leopard cat
P. b. euptailura Leopard cat
P. b. horsfieldi Leopard cat
P. b. manchurica Leopard cat
P. b. trevelyani Leopard cat
P. b. javaensis Leopard cat
P. b. minutus Leopard cat
P. b. sumatranus Leopard cat
P. b. iriomotensis
(Mayailurus iriomotensis)
Iriomote Cat
Flat-headed cat
Prionailurus planiceps
(Felis planiceps)
P. p. planiceps Flat-headed cat (Little Malayan red cat)
Rusty-spotted cat
Prionailurus rubiginosus
(Felis rubiginosus)
P. r. rubiginosus Rusty-spotted cat
P. r. phillipsi Rusty-spotted cat
Prionailurus viverrinus
(Felis viverrina)
P. v. viverrinus Fishing Cat
Profelis African golden cat
Profelis aurata
(Felis aurata)
P. a. aurata African golden cat
P. a. celidogaster African golden cat
P. a. cottoni African golden cat

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