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Small Wild Cat Facts

( The Caracal )


The bobcat gets its name from its stumpy tail.

The further north bobcats live, the bigger they
grow; The largest are found in Canada.

Bobcats are good swimmers,But rarely go into the water.

New Yorks Catskill Mountains were named after the bobcat.


Caracals can kill large snakes,One adult in
an Indian zoo killed a cobra.

The name Caracal comes from the Turkish karakulak
which means (black ear)

The caracal occasionally cries out like a leopard.
when disturbed at a kill it hises and growls like other cats.

There are reports of caracals catching and killing
tawny eagles and martail eagles.

Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopards are named for the cloud-like pattern of markings
with blackish edges and pale centers. Base colors can vary from
yellowish to gray, with black spots on the head, legs and tail.

The clouded leopard`s canine teeth are similar in
shape to those of the extinct saber-toothed tiger.

Unlike other cats the clouded leopard does not roar
A bone in its voice box prevents it.

A clouded leopards tail can grow to three feet.

Male cubs grow faster then females
from six weeks on and are heavier.

Borneo natives used clouded leopards, teeth for earings
and their skins for tribal battle dress.


The lynx has a acute sence of smell and can
detect a rat at 250 feet.

The lynx can run up to 30 mph,Though some repots
say the lynx are slow runners.

The feet of a lynx are large,round and padded
underneath to help it travel over deep snow.

A lynx can jump 6 feet into the air to catch
a bird as it takes off from the ground.


The ocelot sleeps lying down with its forepaws
stretched out in front and its head resting on them
much in the same way a dog does
Its the only small cat that sleeps in this manner.

The Ocelots grow more slowly, relative to body size
than any other cat.Not achieving adult size
until they are 2 to 2.5 years of age.

In 1968 North America fur traders imported a
total of 129,000 ocelot pelts.


The serval was once thought to be a separate species.

Servals can leap up to 10 feet in the air.

It has been esitmated that a serval eats about
4,000 rodents 260 snakes,and 130 birds a year.

European Wildcat

Small cats like the wildcat are unable to roar because
of a bone in their larynex.But the can purr while breathing
both in and out,which big cats cannot do.

The Egyptians domesticated
the African Wildcat to protect thier grain.

The Wildcat was once found throughout
northern Europe, It left during the Middle Ages
because of the cooling climate.

Fishing Cat

A fishing cat taps the surface of the water
to attract fish. They prefer
slow moving or static water sources.

When swimming, a fishing cat uses
its short, flattened tail like a rudder.

Fishing cats are nocturnal.

A fishing catís claws are not fully sheathed
and are visible in the retracted position.


Margay with its flexible ankle bones can
rotate 180 degrees out ward.


With its very long tail it gives the impression that
its head is too small for its body.

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