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Just "4" KID`s

I Have Put Together Some Links Below,Just
For The Kids / Cub`s That Visit And Would Like To
Have Some FUN :-) All The Pages Below Are
For Kids Only.Though Some Adults Might
Enjoy Prowling Around As Well.

  • Big Cat Rescue's Big Cat Fun
  • A to Z Stuff - Printables: March - Lion Pattern & Calendar Cut-outs(or patterns,etc.)
  • Africa Coloring Book: Lion
  • A Coloring Book: Lioness
  • AFUNK: Lion Coloring Book
  • AlpaBites-L Books, games, and art.
  • Animal Crafts - Lion Crafts @ Danielle's Place
  • FONZ Coloring Pages: Lion
  • Family Lion
  • Games Kids Play - Lions Cub(4 or more players, ages 5 and over)
  • Games Kids Play - Sleeping Lions
  • Lion Coloring Page @ Alphabet Soup
  • Lion Shape Book with and without lines (pdf)
  • Chat Big Cats - Flash Games
  • Chat Big Cats - Printable Games & Crafts
  • Fun FREE Online Games.
  • Your Big Backyard - National Wildlife Federation.
  • Fact Monster* Online Almanac,Dictionary, Enycolopedia,Home Work Help.
  • Super Coloring Pages (Lion) 27 Printable Images
  • Super Coloring Pages (Leopard) 32 Printable Images
  • Super Coloring Pages (Cheetah) 25 Printable Images
  • Super Coloring Pages (Tiger) 26 Printable Images
  • Super Coloring Pages (Cougar) 3 Printable Images
  • Super Coloring Pages (Jaguar) 2 Printable Images
  • Super Coloring Pages (Bobcat) 3 Printable Images
  • Super Coloring Pages (Lynx) 18 Printable Images
  • The Kidz Page - Sliding Lion Puzzle Game
  • Catch The Lion By The Tail Game - twist on "duck, duck, goose" combines suspense, action and make-believe.
  • Pet Lion Game - Find All Differences On Two Similar Pictures.
  • A Day At The Zoo - Tiger Nursery Game
  • Baby Tiger Dress Up Game
  • Feline Cub Maker
  • Make A Tiger Paper Bag Puppet - For Ages 7 & Up
  • Hello - How To Draw A Leopard
  • Hello - How To Draw A Lion
  • Cheetah - Craft Activities For Kids
  • Leopards - Craft Activities For Kids
  • Cheetah Cub Craft Idea For Kids
  • Download PDF File - Cheetah Activities Page
  • Big Cat Learning Games & Videos For Kids
  • Big Cat Lesson Plan For Grades 6 - 8
  • Lion Crafts For Kids - Projects to Make Lions for Children, Teens, and Preschoolers
  • Learning Games For Kids - Animal Games Big Cats
  • Use different colors to make any kind of Big Cat. Here’s how to make a lion. Decorate a large paper plate with Crayola.
  • Play 23 Different Lion Games

    adopt your own virtual pet!

    How To Play Jigsaw Puzzle Below:

    When you click on the "Compose puzzles" button (or click directly on the picture),
    a window will open where you can then enter your (alias) name. It is important
    to enter your name when you're competing against other players
    so that when you ace your competition your alias appears ,
    on the list of the best results for that puzzle. After entering your name,
    the puzzle should appear. Be patient - this may take a few moments.
    The picture is divided into rectangles and scrambled in a random sequence.
    To switch the places of two puzzle pieces, first click on one of the pieces
    and then click on the second piece.The challenge is to compose the
    jigsaw puzzle quickly using the least amount of moves.

    Jigsaws online, (c) Luksoft

    Build Your Wild Self Web Page Below:

    -Other Pages-

    Earth Cams For Kids

    Zoo Crafts, Zoo Preschool
    Activities and Zoo Preschool Printables,
    Games, Rhymes, and Songs

    FREE - Animal Crafts

    TIME For Kids *Animals

    Kids Planet Games

    Animal Alphabet FlashCards

    Lesson Plan- A Field Trip To The Zoo

    Surfing The Net With Kids: Animal Cams


    PBS Kids

    Coloring Pages For Children

    Disney The Lion Guard Activities

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